The furnace rollers of the CSP heating furnace are responsible for the support and driving tasks of the slabs in the soaking furnace. In order to meet the needs of long-term continuous heavy-load rotation operation of the furnace rollers under high temperature and harsh environmental conditions, the furnace rollers are designed as water-cooled furnace rollers, mainly composed of metal rollers. Body, heat-resistant metal roller ring, refractory thermal insulation layer, exposed metal roller shaft, etc.
CPS furnace roll is the most important and most easily damaged key equipment in the heating furnace mechanical equipment. In order to solve the supply of spare parts for furnace rolls, prolong the life of furnace rolls, improve the uniformity of slab temperature, and reduce enterprise costs, Qingdao Hexin Machinery Co., Ltd. started from the structure research of furnace rolls, improved the structure of furnace rolls, and developed a new structure with good high temperature performance. It is of great significance to reduce the production cost of steel mills by replacing the existing furnace rolls with the furnace rolls and determining the reasonable arrangement of the furnace rolls in the furnace to improve the slab temperature uniformity. Specifically, aiming at the problems of high temperature ablation of the furnace roll ring of the heating furnace, damage of the refractory layer, insufficient slab temperature uniformity, etc., taking the improvement of the high temperature performance of the furnace roll and the temperature uniformity of the slab surface as the breakthrough points, the analysis of the furnace roll in the furnace is carried out. The characteristics of distribution and arrangement and radiation heat transfer characteristics, and the finite element numerical simulation method is used to calculate the temperature and stress distribution of the furnace rolls in the heating furnace and the influence of the furnace roll arrangement on the temperature uniformity of the slab surface, in order to improve the performance of the furnace rolls. The structure improvement and the arrangement form improvement of slab temperature uniformity provide the basis.
The main research contents of the CPS water-cooled roll ring are as follows:
1) The fluid-structure coupling heat transfer model of the furnace roll is established to calculate the temperature distribution law of the furnace roll under the high temperature furnace gas. The radiation heat transfer inside the furnace roll was analyzed, the heat absorption on the outer surface of the furnace roll was obtained, the temperature field distribution of the domestic furnace roll under different furnace gas temperatures was calculated, and the calculated data was compared with the on-site monitoring, which proved that the water cooling Reliability of the furnace roll simulation model. At 1300℃, the maximum temperature of the working face of the furnace roll ring has exceeded the limit service temperature of its material, and the structure of the furnace roll needs to be improved.
2) Combined with the structural characteristics of the furnace rolls, the furnace rolls are divided into a roller-roller ring substructure and a roller-anchor-refractory layer substructure for thermal stress calculation respectively; the temperature distribution obtained by the temperature field simulation analysis is used as the thermal boundary The thermal stress calculation is carried out, and the stress distribution of each part is obtained to provide data support for the improvement of the furnace roll structure.
3) In view of the insufficient cooling of the roll ring and the unreasonable structure of the anchor in the simulation of the temperature and stress field of the existing furnace roll, the cooling structure of the furnace roll, the structure of the roll ring and the structure of the anchor are respectively improved, and a direct cooling roll is designed. Ring, V-shaped and double-V-shaped anchors are staggered and anchored in the furnace roll structure. The improved structure is simulated, and the calculation and simulation results before and after the improvement are compared, and the improved structure can improve the high temperature performance of the furnace roll.
4) Simulate the temperature field of the heating process of the slab transported by the furnace rolls to realize the analysis of the influencing factors on the temperature uniformity of the slab; in order to improve the uniformity, the surface temperature of the slab under different arrangements of the furnace rolls is analyzed. Determine the best arrangement of the furnace rolls with the improved structure in the furnace; in the case of a typical accident to be rolled, determine the soaking time that the slab needs to be increased in the furnace to meet the process requirements of the slab temperature uniformity.
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