The development of a country mainly depends on the level of its industrial fields. At present, all aspects of my country's industry can be comparable to the international level, whether it is heat treatment technology or hot-dip galvanizing. It is very advanced. Especially for industries that require steel, the role of hot-dip galvanizing is very important, because it can cover the steel with a protective layer, which greatly prolongs its service life. There are also some auxiliary things in hot-dip galvanizing technology, and the sunken roll is one of the very important workpieces.
Many people should know that there are generally two technologies: electrogalvanizing and hot-dip galvanizing. The metal covering layer formed by hot-dip galvanizing is more dense, and there is no inorganic impurities in it, and the covering ability is much better than that of electro-galvanizing. After all steel materials are covered with hot-dip galvanizing, it can delay the time that the steel materials are corroded by the atmosphere, and the galvanized surface has a special protective film. The chemical reaction protection, so it can be seen that its ability to protect steel is very strong. With the development of high-voltage power transmission and the development of communication and other industries, people's requirements for various steel components are getting higher and higher. The reason for the failure of the guide plate of the punching machine is that the demand for hot-dip galvanizing is also increasing. Makes the sink roll more and more important.
Qingdao Hexin Machinery Co., Ltd. reminds that in the field of hot-dip galvanizing, sunken rolls are very important, forming a continuous production line with other components, but these are relatively easy to consume components, and the same is true for sunken rolls. Now the commonly used submersible rollers in China are made of stainless steel 316L. After a long time of use, they are not very wear-resistant and are prone to serious wear. Therefore, it has been widely used to spray a layer of coating on the surface of the submerged rollers. In this way, the steel roller can be completely separated from the zinc liquid during hot-dip galvanizing, so as to avoid chemical reaction between the two when they are in direct contact, resulting in corrosion of the sinking roller. Avoiding this situation can greatly improve the hot-dip galvanized steel. quality so that the surface is not too rough. Although it is said that the sunken roll will still wear after a long time, the current sunken roll has made a lot of progress. It also plays a very important role in the field of hot-dip galvanizing, which can affect the final galvanizing effect and affect the quality of steel. Period of use.
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