Our workers are very skilled in investment casting process , and strictly enforce the ISO9000 quality management system , focusing on manufacturing and the improvement and perfection of the casting process , and continuously improve the quality of casting products;
With 30 years experience in casting , we can provide optimized solutions of heat-resistant steel castings for users , Solidworks three-dimensional design software , AutoCAD engineering drawing software, These help to optimize casting process and structure and improve the technical level and product quality.
Materials R & D
1.Through long-term accumulation in practice and cooperation with scientific research units , we conduct ethylene cracking furnace tube anti-carburizing technology research , and achieved certain results,which can improve the life of ethylene cracking furnace tube to a greater extent .
2.HEXIN has many years of experience in galvanized sink roll , three-roll six arms has made major technological breakthrough in the industry . HEXIN together with authority partners develop new materials of galvanized sink roll -ML-2 and overcame the defects of sink roll and stabilizing roll, such as short use cycle , serious corrosion , low hardness .
We are proud that we could offer our esteemed customers with technical help of Product suggestion, cast process optimization, new product development.
We welcome you to contact us for technical enquiry.
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