Qingdao Hexin Machinery Co.,Ltd. is focusing on production of heat resistant castings with nickel chrome alloys, cobalt alloys, tungsten alloys,with centrifugal casting process, lost wax investment casting process, resin sand casting process.
Thanks to many years experience in the foundry production , we mastered key technologies and mature production methods to guarantee the quality and service life of our castings.
Generally, we use the below production methods :
Centrifugal Casting , Investment Casting, Sand Casting,Heat Treatment , Welding, Machining, and NDT tests like RT, PT, UT, etc.,
Based on the many years foundry experience, HEXIN provides optimized casting solutions and design suggestions for complicated parts like cast fixtures , cast trays and baskets.
We keep up with the times, our technical department uses popular soft wares like Solidworks three-dimensional design software , AutoCAD engineering drawing software.
We are proud that we could offer our esteemed customers with technical help of Product suggestion, cast process optimization, new product development.
We welcome you to contact us for technical enquiry.
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