Steel mill/ Continuous galvanizing lines
HEXIN Machinery manufactures various heat resistant castings for steel mill continuous annealing line, continuous galvanizing line, and furnaces.
HEXIN uses centrifugal casting and static casting methods to produce parts like sink roll from OD380mm to OD 800mm, stabilizer rolls, sink roll arms, cobalt alloy sleeves and bushes by stellite6 and HEXIN own patented material, radiant tubes by single /U type and W type,air injection tubes,hardening furnace rolls,hearth roll,water cool roll, briddle roll, deflector roll/boot roll, skid rider by cobalt alloy, walking beams,charge and discharge rollers,etc., HEXIN use nickel chrome alloys to guarantee the physical property of the castings like ASTM A351 CF3M, ASTM A297 HK,HU, HT,HPNb,1.4848,1.4404,1.4849, 2.4849,etc.,
HEXIN has many years of mature experience in the production of heat resistant castings made by centrifugal cast and static cast methods, the quality of our products is safe and reliable, and well recognized by customers. 
Heat treating
HEXIN has been producing and designing cast baskets, cast trays,heat treatment fixtures 15 years.
HEXIN serve the heat treating furnace processes such as annealing, carburizing, hardening, nitriding and tempering, for various atmosphere and vacuum furnaces .
Major products like: furnace trays,cast baskets,furnace fans,chain guides,roller rails and rollers, 
furnace piers, rotary retorts, pusher head assembly, furnace doors, door castings,cast link belt, etc.,
HEXIN uses lost wax investment casting method with aluminum moulds .
Skilled gating system,experienced workers , and technical team guarantee the cast fixtures with optimized design structure and solid cast quality.
Petrochemical industry
Qingdao Hexin Machinery specializes in centrifugal casting tubes, static castings for Petrochemical industry.
Typical products include tube supports,tube sheets, tube hangers, tube sheet brackets,elbows,manifold assemblies, tube sheets, reformer tube,furnace coils, bulkhead tees, valves, flow control devices, and pumps. 
Waste incinerators
HEXIN produces heat, abrasion and corrosion resistant cast and fabricated products used in  waste incinerators. HEXIN use lost wax investment casting method to produce the grate bars,nozzles,air and water cooled bars,bubble caps,etc.,
HEXIN produce heat resistant and corrosion resistant stainless steel for pump and valve parts like ASTM A351 CF3M, 316L, CD4MCuN, CW12MW, CN7M, 17-4PH, Hastelloys.
The cast pumps and valves are used in industries like oil and gas, desalination, chemical, nuclear and waste.  Typical products include: bowl,Suction guide for feed pump,diffusers pumps, Impellers, seat rings, control cages, ring joint gaskets,etc.,
Cement and lime
HEXIN produce cast cooler grates in many sizes and configurations for cement industry, many years of experience guarantee durability in huge productions without any risk of breakdowns. Typical castings like: cooler grate plates,drag chain links, kiln outlets sector,Immersion tubes for pre heater,dipping tube assemblies,heat exchangers,chute nose,nozzle castings, chute supports,carrier castings,feed end castings,

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