Three-roller and six-arm is an essential part of galvanizing production line and aluminizing production line. Qingdao Hexin Machinery Co., Ltd. can produce and provide wear-resistant and heat-resistant steel castings including sunken rolls, stabilizer rolls, support arms, shaft sleeves, and arm sleeves. .
1. Submerged roller: It is a device in which the strip steel enters the zinc liquid in the zinc pot through the furnace nose for galvanizing, bypasses the submerged roller and then exits the zinc pot, and then passes through the stabilization roller and air knife to enter the alloying furnace or cooling stage. The sinking roller is always immersed in the molten high-temperature aluminum-zinc liquid. It does not have any transmission mechanism. It is a passive steering roller, which is driven by the friction between the strip and the roll surface, and plays the role of tensioning the strip.
2. Stabilizing roller: The same as the sinking roller, it needs to be immersed in the zinc pot, and the strip can obtain a certain tension and guidance mainly by adjusting the displacement left and right, so as to ensure that the strip passes through the air knife device stably. The stabilizing roller generally adopts two stabilizing rollers staggered on both sides of the strip, and has two transmission forms, active and passive. It is divided into a front stabilizing roller and a rear stabilizing roller, both of which are immersed in molten aluminum and zinc. Its main function is to The strip passing through the submerged roller can obtain a certain effective tension and guidance to ensure that the strip passes through the air knife continuously and stably, and plays the role of preventing the strip swinging and adjusting the shape of the strip.
3 Arms: When the sinking roller and the stabilizing roller rotate at a certain speed, the arm supports them. The lower part of the arm is immersed in molten aluminum-zinc liquid, so the material of the arm is required not only to have corrosion resistance, but also to have a certain high temperature strength.
4. Shaft and arm sleeve: The shaft sleeve mainly protects the roller shaft head, and the arm sleeve protects the support arm. The shaft and arm sleeve mainly play the role of sliding bearing, the contact stress is relatively large, and the corrosion and wear conditions of liquid aluminum and zinc have high requirements on its material. The shaft and arm sleeve are important consumable parts in the continuous hot-dip galvanizing line of strip steel. The quality of the product directly affects the output of the entire production line.
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