Heat treatment technology is widely used in various countries. The development of heat treatment technology has greatly improved the quality of products, and also brought benefits to the country and enterprises. Hearth rolls play a vital role in heat treatment technology.
    The hearth roll is one of the most important parts of the continuous annealing furnace, and its working condition is the decisive factor for the normal production of the annealing furnace. The bottom roller table of the annealing furnace is a mechanical device that makes the charge pass through the furnace. It transports the charge to complete the annealing process operation, so as to realize the mechanization of the production operation and the continuity of the process flow. Therefore, the hearth roll is required to have better high temperature resistance and oxidation resistance.
There are many types of products in the hearth roll market today, and the product quality is uneven, but there are also many hearth rolls with excellent quality and performance. Hexin Machinery has specialized in the production of hearth rolls for many years. Compared with foreign imported products, the price is much more favorable. . At present, there are many specifications of hearth rolls on the market for you to choose from, and some special specifications can also be customized, which is very convenient to purchase. At the same time, pay attention to regular inspection and maintenance during the use of the hearth roll, check whether there is any abnormality in each component before and after use, and find out the abnormality in time and eliminate it in time, which not only ensures the quality of the heat treatment products, but also prolongs the service life of the hearth roll. .
Hexin Machinery reminds everyone that the regular maintenance of the hearth roll is also very important. It is necessary to clean the hearth roll regularly to clean the impurities inside. Use kerosene or gasoline for cleaning. It cannot be washed with water, which may affect the quality of the hearth roll. Such as rust corrosion, etc., which in turn affects the quality of heat-treated products. By standardizing the use method of the hearth roll, regular inspection and maintenance, it can not only prolong the service life of the hearth roll, but also improve the quality of heat treatment products.
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