Smelting heat resistant steel in general or induction furnace smelting in arc furnace.High quality requirements often USES the vacuum refining and refining outside the furnace process.Some high alloy heat-resistant steel casting hard machining deformation, casting production not only economical than rolling, and casting and high rupture strength.So in the heat resistant steel heat resistant cast steel occupies a large proportion of the.� steel high temperature strength;Rare earth elements can significantly increase the oxidation resistance of steel, improve the thermoplastic.� processing, to stabilize the organization, to get good comprehensive mechanical properties and high temperature strength.Heat resistant steel back cupping ferritic steel production line can't through strengthening heat treatment.To eliminate because of cold plastic deformation caused by machining and welding stress, can be conducted in 650 ~ 830 ℃ annealing treatment, rapid cooling after annealing, so as to rapidly after 475 ℃ brittle temperature range.
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