Carbon, nitrogen can be expanded and the stability of austenite, so as to improve the high temperature strength of heat resistant steel.Are too many in steel containing chromium, manganese, can significantly improve the solubility of nitrogen, and can use nitrogen alloying with instead of more expensive nickel.Trace elements in boron and rare earths are heat resistant steel.Boron in solid solution in the crystal lattice distortion, boron and to stop the spread of the elements on the grain boundary and grain boundary migration, so as to improve the high temperature strength of steel;Rare earth elements can significantly increase the oxidation resistance of steel, improve the thermoplastic.� processing, to stabilize the organization, to get good comprehensive mechanical properties and high temperature strength.Heat resistant steel back cupping ferritic steel production line can't through strengthening heat treatment.To eliminate because of cold plastic deformation caused by machining and welding stress, can be conducted in 650 ~ 830 ℃ annealing treatment, rapid cooling after annealing, so as to rapidly after 475 ℃ brittle temperature range.
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