Qingdao Hexin Machinery Co.,Ltd., is a professional foundry specialized in the production of high-temperature alloy castings, centrifugal cast tubes, investment castings, heat resistant alloy static castings for furnace spares and fixtures.

Qingdao Hexin Machinery Co.,Ltd. was established in 2008 by group of foundry experts with passion and committment to heat resistant alloy casting industry. And it is located in Qingdao, a famous tourist resort and coastal open city in China. HEXIN is specialized in the production of high-temperature alloy castings, centrifugal cast tubes, investment castings, heat resistant alloy static castings for furnace spares and fixtures.

The total investment for the foundry is more than 60 million yuan, and the plant area is about 360,000 square meters, and it is a member of China National Petroleum Corporation and one of the top listed suppliers of high-temperature alloy parts for China's metallurgical industry.  The foundry has modern manufacturing facilities including centrifugal casting production lines for producing nickel chrome cast tubes from OD.55 to OD.1600mm, sand casting lines for producing single piece casting up to 6000kgs, lost wax investment casting lines to complicated shape parts Length 1300mm*1300mm*500mm, plasma cutting, flux free argon arc welding, hydraulic press , PT, RT, UT, and other NDT test facilities, etc., At present, there are more than 200 employees, among which 68 are various kinds of technical personnel and engineers. 


Qingdao Hexin Machinery Co., Ltd. attaches great importance to the quality control of castings, we regard technology and accuracy as the core efforts to develope, so we pay special efforts on technical teams' improve ,  we have a very professional technical team consisting of 28 technicians. The technician have accumulated rich production experience and valuable technological parameters.
In order to improve product innovation and ensure product reformation, our company have direct technical cooperation and connection with Qingdao high-tech bureaus and universities, such as Qingdao University, Qingdao University of Science and Technology. We highly pay attention to innovation and improvement of technology and production. We establish a wide range of cooperative relations with the scientific research institutes, colleges and universities, constantly absorbing new technology, new craft, using the new material widely.
HEXIN Culture:
VISION: to help our customers achieve goals, to help our staff realize their talents.
MISSION: to supply continuously reliable casting components with zero defect  
CORE VALUE: Be honest, Be conscientious,Passion for details



Qingdao Hexin designs and manufactures nickel chrome alloy spares and fixtures for various heat treatment furnaces such as sealed quench, fluidised bed, pit type gas carburising, shaker hearth, rotary, muffle, vacuum, walking beam, salt bath, bell type furnace, etc.,
Regular casting products like various kinds of furnace tubes, reformer tubes, ethylene crack tubes, radiant tubes, furnace rollers, cast pipe fittings, cast tube sheets, supports, hangers, and brackets for petrochemical fired heaters,
Sink roll, stabilizing roll, arms, snouts, sleeves and bushings for zinc bath and galvanizing line. Wet rolls and dry rolls for tunnel furnaces, rolls for heavy plate heat treatment furnaces, charging and discharging rolls, cobalt alloy riders, walking beam castings, heat recuperators, heating elements, etc.,
Investment cast baskets, base trays, cast grids, fan wheels, impellers, combined fixtures, retorts, retort lids, conveyors, wire meshes, for heat treating industry, metal spinner discs, incinerator grate bars, and other customized castings for various industrial furnaces and spare parts.


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