Heat resistant steel is often used in the manufacture of boiler, steam turbine, power machinery, industrial furnace and aviation, petrochemical and other industrial department work under the high temperature parts.These parts in addition to the required high temperature strength and high temperature oxidation resistance, according to different requirements also USES have enough toughness and good machinability and weldability, and certain organizational stability.China since 1952 to start producing heat resistant steel.After developed some new type of heat intensity steel, low alloy to make the body strong steel bead light working temperature up to 600 ~ 620 ℃;In addition, also developed some new low chromium nickel antioxidant steel grade.Spacerun: 'yes';The font-family: Microsoft jas black.Color: RGB (76,76,76);Letter - spacing: 0.0000 pt;The font - weight: normal;The text - transform: none;The font - style: normal;The font - size: 9.5000 pt;The oledata.mso - the font - kerning: 0.0000 pt;">Heat resistant steel back cupping ferritic steel production line can't through strengthening heat treatment.To eliminate because of cold plastic deformation caused by machining and welding stress, can be conducted in 650 ~ 830 ℃ annealing treatment, rapid cooling after annealing, so as to rapidly after 475 ℃ brittle temperature range.
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