By rights, wear-resisting material of steel is a kind of performance is very excellent, but it is easily influenced by temperature, especially the activity of carbon atoms.Due to the nature of such, so wear resistant steel in time there will be carbon steel tempering treatment precipitation, but so carbide all come from?First of all, we must learn to distinguish the type of carbide, which in some cases precipitation carbides, because wear resistant steel in the water toughening treatment, cooling speed is not up to standard, which appeared in the cooling process.Part of this is not dissolved carbide, the reason will have such matter, because carbon atoms didn't completely dissolved.The rest of the carbide is overheating, high heating problem will have this kind of material., by contrast, the former two or can be avoided through certain processing, can't, but in the end a so overheated carbide once appear, will directly affect the performance of the material, can only be scrapped.
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