Centrifugal casting process is done by centrifugal casting machine, discovered and the practical application, and the size of the centrifuge has a great influence in the quality of castings.Is known to all, the most main factors that affect the size of the centrifugal force is the speed of the equipment, so small make up to ask, is the higher the speed of the centrifugal casting machine, the more ideal forming of casting will become? Of course, the answer is no, if the effect of centrifugal force is too large to reach not only the original casting, are likely to make the product surface produces all kinds of defects.Is that the speed of the centrifugal casting machine must carry on the appropriate control, so the high speed and the higher requirement for equipment, this not only complicate the structure of the machine, and there will be more unsafe factors in the operation.Thus, should satisfy the premise of casting quality, or try to decrease the speed of centrifugal casting machine;And according to the mold of shaft bearing, pouring liquid metal, casting wall thickness of the kinds of non-uniform degree, casting shape factors such as physical condition, reasonable adjustment.
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