Our company's centrifugal cast pipe has the following features:1. Relying on the beginning from the outside of the contact with the mould of the directional solidification, made no casting shrinkage and the quality of the clip into the foreign body extremely dense.2. As a result of the action of centrifugal force can be achieved when average thickness of hollow cylindrical products.3. Because there is no influence of solidification shrinkage factor, the casting stress small products can be achieved.4. Because of the compact centrifugal casting organization, the prosperity of the columnar crystal, so has good high temperature oxidation resistance, carburizing resistance and high temperature strength.5. Available in 800-12001 ° C temperature, 3-4 mpa long-term continuous work under pressure.Wear-resisting performance is good, give full play to the wear resistance of high chromium cast (KMTBCr20Mo3CuRe) excellent characteristics.High pressure, can be applied to any classes using lining with outer steel tube combined with close, use a special process, welding formed between composite layer, ensure the reliability.Good resistance to mechanical shock, thermal shock performance.
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