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  Qingdao Hexin Machinery Co.,Ltd. produces nickel based alloy and cobalt base alloy Spinning discs for the production of glass wool as per the production drawing of customers,
The defibering head castings(spinner casting ) which are used for the Glas Wool Defibering Machines  of glass wool manufacturers.
The castings are made of our own patented materials cobalt base alloys or nickel base alloys.
The main Specifications as below:
1. Overall dimensions: φ200~500mm, like diameters Φ300mm,Φ303mm,Φ320mm, Φ360mm,Φ380mm, Φ390mm, Φ400mm,Φ406mm etc.
2. Hole dimensions: φ0.5~1.0mm
3. Holes amount: 7000~33000 units
4. Operating temperature: 1050°C
5. Rotating speed: ≤3000 r/min
6. Fiber dimensions:≤7μm
7. Lifetime: ≥200 hours

HEXIN Machinery produces various OEM wear and corrosion resistant components for the cement, lime, coal, shot blast machines,and iron Ore industries.
The castings HEXIN made generally are made from special irons and manganese steels, which are critically used in the sectiors of cement manufacturing,coal mining (surface and underground), copper smelting,crushers direct reduction of iron (DRI)
Iron ore manufacturing,Lime manufacturing. All the castings manufactured at HEXIN go through strict quality checks at all stages before being supplied to customers.

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