Charging and Discharging Roll Static Casting Material 2.4879
Product Category:Steel mill static castings
Charging and Discharging roll, are produced by static casting method, machining, heat treatment.
Some also call it cantilever rolls.
Cantilever roll is an indispensable processing equipment in the steel plate smelting production process. In order to ensure the requirements of steel plate production, the cantilever roll also has high requirements for use. Cantilever rolls are one of the important components for supporting and transporting slabs in metallurgical equipment, and they are widely used in steel plate continuous casting and rolling production lines.
The structures of the rollers and work rollers on the existing conveying cantilever rollers generally adopt integral forging, casting and welding, alloy seamless welding and other structures. During the working process of the rollers, due to the different working conditions of the upper roller body and the roller shaft , therefore, the performance requirements are different; 
but the heat-resistant roller table of the existing structure is an integral or welded structure, and the material properties of each part are the same or similar, which cannot meet the performance requirements of each part of the production needs at the same time. , which leads to a shorter life of the wear-resistant roller table, frequent replacement, and higher production costs.
The support part in the middle of the cantilever roll is directly installed in the furnace, while the cone section and the bearing support part are installed in the furnace wall and outside the calcining furnace, respectively. The temperature gradient of different parts of the cantilever roll is very large, so the cantilever roll The body, the cone and the shaft are welded to each other. In order to reduce the burning loss to the inner surface of the cone, a heat shield is designed inside the cone. 
In order to ensure the smooth transportation of high temperature slabs, it is required that the roller shaft is not deformed and the outer roller ring is heat-resistant and wear-resistant.
During the rolling process, the billet needs to be continuously and stably heated in the heating furnace to the rolling temperature of 1050-1150 ℃, and the stable support of the slab is realized by the bottom roller to ensure smooth and uniform transportation. 
Since the middle section of the hearth roll is directly installed in the billet calcining furnace, the furnace gas temperature is as high as about 1150°C during the production process, and it is usually made of superalloy materials.

HEXIN Machinery produces various OEM wear and corrosion resistant components for the cement, lime, coal, shot blast machines,and iron Ore industries.
The castings HEXIN made generally are made from special irons and manganese steels, which are critically used in the sectiors of cement manufacturing,coal mining (surface and underground), copper smelting,crushers direct reduction of iron (DRI)
Iron ore manufacturing,Lime manufacturing. All the castings manufactured at HEXIN go through strict quality checks at all stages before being supplied to customers.
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